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You want to transfer pictures, texts or other motifs onto textiles?

You want to transfer
a print motif onto textiles or glue fabrics with other materials, such as inserts for shirt collars, reflector strips on safety clothing, car seats or safety belts? For this you need a transfer press – preferably one from Fuchs. We manufacture without exception in Germany and guarantee by strict quality controls that every Fuchs transfer press meets the European safety standards. Therefore all our machines carry the CE mark.

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The transfer press: An indispensable all-rounder

The transfer press is a versatile device for printing on fabrics and other materials. It works extremely economically and also allows multicolour prints.

Different printing processes can be selected: Sublimation printing, flock and flex printing, laser - toner, Plastirol transfer, DST - transfer and much more. Inkjet/silk screen transfer and flex transfer are possible with the transfer press.

The formats of the worktops can be changed and thus adapted to the printing task.

The Fox Satisfaction Guarantee. Guaranteed!

You manufacture a very special product and need an individual transfer press for it? Tell us what your new press should be able to do and we will plan it – with you until you are satisfied. Subsequently, we build a transfer press according to your individual requirements. For more than 25 years we have been a manufacturer of thermal and transfer presses - and we attach great importance to quality and innovation. We are convinced of our know-how and many years of experience - that is why we give you a two-year satisfaction guarantee for every transfer press we manufacture. Guaranteed!

Great selection of transfer presses

With us you have the choice between manual, semi-automatic and pneumatic models. Between folding presses, swivel presses,  fixing presses, sliding table presses and membrane presses, large format presses and thermo presses with one or two stations. But not all transfer presses are the same.

What is the use of the highest quality swivel press when there is no space to swivel? Therefore, the choice of the surface, the substrate to be printed and the budget are important selection criteria. Therefore, nothing replaces a detailed consultation. This is the only way we can get to know your needs and wishes and support you competently in choosing the right press.

Professional solutions for reliable production

In a professional print shop it is part of the daily business: printing textiles and bonding fabrics with other materials. With every job the problem changes. Sometimes tracksuits have to be decorated with a lettering, sometimes a logo is needed on a cap. The transfer press can be adapted to many of these different tasks. As a thermal press, it carries out perfect bonding. If this highly stressed tool fails, your company will incur high downtime costs. That is why it is important to rely on first-class technology and individual equipment tuning. We at Fuchs supply professional solutions with advice.

Quality and its reasons

Anyone who says transfer press has not said much yet. The question is: what kind of transfer press? There are the swivel presses, the folding presses, the sliding table and fusing presses, the large format and thermal presses. And there are the manufacturers with their different quality requirements. At Fuchs, we have been working on perfecting professional transfer and thermal presses for over 25 years. Our experience tells us that the closer we work with the customer in the production of a transfer press, the more satisfactory the result will be for him.

Here are a few key points for your customer satisfaction:

  • Production of all mechanical components on CNC-controlled milling and turning machines in highest precision according to customer specifications
  • Maintenance-free slide bearings
  • Electronic control in individual components, which can be replaced individually in case of repair
  • Ergonomics due to smooth-running bearings and optimum lever ratios
  • Teflon-covered cast aluminium heating plates with micanite surface heating (optimum even/constant heat distribution)
  • Worktops with quick-change system and a ten millimetre thick silicone rubber support

Frequently asked questions from our customers

Which transfer press is right for my application?
How can I print a T-Shirt with a transfer press?

Experts will help you!

Maintenance, repair or spare part needed? Because we know our machines inside out, our experts can help you quickly - very uncomplicated! Your transfer press is ready for use again quickly and cost-effectively!

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Clever construction

Thanks to the modular design of the Fuchs transfer presses, wear parts can usually be easily replaced by the operator himself. However, if a major repair is due, our experts will do it for you in our workshop within a short period of time.

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Manufacturer for transfer presses

Benefit from manufacturer prices.

The Fuchs satisfaction guarantee

Without ifs and buts on every fox transfer press.

Made in Germany

Each transfer press is made by hand.

How to build favorite work tools

Our range of models for transfer presses leaves nothing to be desired. Are you looking for a membrane press with inflatable work table for the optimal positioning of your printing material? - Our models can be converted into a simple transfer press by deactivating the membrane function - two devices in one! Do you have large print jobs to process and need a device that can be operated without fatigue? - Our pneumatic transfer presses always make the right pressure thanks to infinitely variable control. Are you looking for a manual transfer press for small patch prints or a large device to swivel? With us you will find your favourite working tool for results without pressure creases or piercing. Also swivel presses, large format presses and special machines leave our company with satisfied customers. Our most important key to success: individualisation.

We at Fuchs do not just build any transfer press - we build your transfer press!

Through communication with the customer and technical customisation, we create products that harmonise perfectly. Let's talk about the intended use and the application modalities of the desired device. As soon as we have a clear picture of the scope of functions, we will decide on the suitable thermal press model and adapt it to your production targets. This gives you a competitive advantage: the use of reliable, durable and efficient printing and gluing technology. If technical problems occur during operation, our technical support is at your disposal. The modular design of each transfer press allows the cost-effective and time-saving repair of individual functional parts. In case of maintenance and repair (or if you need advice on operation) you can always contact us as the manufacturer directly and reliably - the tedious detour via a dealer is no longer necessary. We give a two-year warranty on every transfer press. For the micanite surface heating we guarantee for life. We deliver all spare parts within 24 hours.

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