Replacement silicone mats for worktops.

We would also be pleased to cut your desired size!

Silikongummi 15x15cmSilicone mat 10mm thick150x150mm
Silikongummi 15x15cmSilicone mat 10mm thick200x200mm
Silikongummi 30x15cmSilicone mat 10mm thick300x150mm
Silikongummi 30x15cmSilicone mat 10mm thick300x200mm
Silikongummi 50x40cmSilicone mat 10mm thick300x350mm
Silikongummi 50x40cmSilicone mat 10mm thick350x450mm
Silikongummi 50x40cmSilicone mat 10mm thick500x400mm
SilikongummiSilicone mat 10mm thick to cut yourself950mmx950mm

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Made in Germany

Each transfer press is made by hand.