All worktops of our transfer presses have a very high-quality and heat-resistant Nomex nettle slipcover.

This has several advantages:

  • Silicone rubber is protected
  • Cover can be washed at any time
  • Textiles are easier to wind up
Schonbezug 15x15cmNomex-Nessel slipcover150x150mm
Schonbezug 15x15cmNomex-Nessel slipcover200x200mm
Schonbezug 30x15cmNomex-Nessel slipcover300x150mm
Schonbezug 30x15cmNomex-Nessel slipcover300x200mm
Schonbezug 50x40cmNomex-Nessel slipcover300x350mm
Schonbezug 50x40cmNomex-Nessel slipcover350x450mm
Schonbezug 50x40cmNomex-Nessel slipcover500x400mm

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