Large format transfer press

The large format transfer press was - as the name already suggests - designed to press large formats. Regardless of whether the device is to be used for classic transfer printing or sublimation. The pressing process is started automatically by lowering the heating plate, so that the user does not have to exert any muscle power to operate the device. A constant contact pressure is ensured even with changing media.

Which transfer press is the right one?

Transfer presses are available in the form of manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or electromagnetic presses. They are also subdivided into toggle presses, swivel presses and linear presses. The choice is large and the offer on the Internet is difficult to keep track of. Do you also ask yourself which transfer press is the right one for your application? Since the answer depends on many factors, we offer you a telephone consultation. To gain a first impression, you will find an overview of all transfer presses as well as their advantages and disadvantages on this page.

Experts will help you!

Maintenance, repair or spare part needed? Because we know our machines inside out, our experts can help you quickly - very uncomplicated! Your transfer press is ready for use again quickly and cost-effectively!

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Clever construction

Thanks to the modular design of the Fuchs transfer presses, wear parts can usually be easily replaced by the operator himself. However, if a major repair is due, our experts will do it for you in our workshop within a short period of time.

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Manufacturer for transfer presses

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The Fuchs satisfaction guarantee

Without ifs and buts on every fox transfer press.

Made in Germany

Each transfer press is made by hand.

PDF catalogue

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