The foundation stone for a robust and reliable transfer press is laid in our
in-house production facilities. On CNC-controlled milling and turning machines, all components are manufactured in-house with the highest precision. The use of high-quality, maintenance-free plain bearings ensures that the mechanics run smoothly without squeaking. This also keeps wear as low as possible so that the mechanics remain perfectly airtight even after years of use.


The control of our transfer presses consists exclusively of individual high-quality components. This allows us to adjust the control system to the customer's needs without great effort. Likewise, in the event of a repair, it is not necessary to replace the complete control system, but only the affected component, which can usually be replaced by the customer himself without great effort.


Optimum lever ratios and light-weight bearings mean that work can be carried out with very little effort.ouml;glich

Heating plate

In our heating plates only Mikanit surface heaters are used. The very tightly wound heating coils ensure a very constant and even temperature distribution over the entire surface.
Likewise, only very high-quality flat-frilled cast aluminium plates with special pre-treatment are used. These plates promise first-class printing even after years of use.

Each heating plate is equipped with a Teflon cover that can be renewed at any time.

Working plates

Each transfer press is equipped with a quick-change device for a wide variety of working plates. This gives you the opportunity to equip or expand the transfer press in such a way that you can perfectly solve any transfer task.

In addition to our standard plates, we also manufacture your special size.

All worktops are free all around, which has the advantage that textiles can be easily covered. This prevents the problem of double layers.

A 10mm thick silicone rubber and a protective cover give the table an extra edge for optimum printing results. The protective cover serves as protection and can be washed at any time if necessary.

Thanks to our unique quick-change system with 45° milled guides, different worktops can be changed in seconds.

Warranty and Service

  • Life-Long Warranty on Mikanit heating systems
  • 24 Months Manufacturer Warranty
  • Spare parts delivery within 24 hours.

Thanks to the modular design of the Fuchs transfer presses, wear parts can usually be replaced independently without any problems. Should a major repair still be required, it will be done in our workshop in the shortest possible time.

Experts will help you!

Maintenance, repair or spare part needed? Because we know our machines inside out, our experts can help you quickly - very uncomplicated! Your transfer press is ready for use again quickly and cost-effectively!

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Clever construction

Thanks to the modular design of the Fuchs transfer presses, wear parts can usually be easily replaced by the operator himself. However, if a major repair is due, our experts will do it for you in our workshop within a short period of time.

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Manufacturer for transfer presses

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The Fuchs satisfaction guarantee

Without ifs and buts on every fox transfer press.

Made in Germany

Each transfer press is made by hand.

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