T-Shirtpresse Printstar Fuchs TransferpressenThe T-shirt press is a sublimation press and is also known as a thermal press or transfer press. It is used to print logos and lettering or images firmly onto T-shirts and other textiles. The conversion process using pressure and heat allows the textiles to be washed after finishing with such a press without any problems. Handling a T-shirt press is uncomplicated, requires little force and is particularly suitable for finishing thin textiles such as T-shirts and fabric bags. In addition to letters, numbers and self-designed logos, complete images and graphics on the corresponding foil can be transferred to a T-shirt using sublimation presses. Depending on the type of motif and design, different films such as flock films, flex films and sublimation films are used.

How does a T-shirt press work?

In principle, a T-shirt press works like a large and particularly pressure-intensive iron. The front or back part of the T-shirt to be finished is placed between the two halves of the press like a sandwich. The T-shirt press is then firmly closed using a folding mechanism. In addition to pressure, the effect of heat is particularly important. Due to the heat and the correspondingly strong pressure, the motifs are permanently bonded to the fabric and no longer come off. Since the time required is comparatively low, you can finish several shirts in a row with one T-shirt press.

How can I print a T-shirt with a transfer press?

A particularly handy and cost effective T-shirt press as a special type of sublimation press does not require much space and is easy to operate. First, the T-shirt is placed on the bottom plate in the sublimation press and smoothed. The heating plate with the foil material is then pressed firmly onto the fabric using a lever. In addition to plotted flock foil and flex foil, sublimated colour or inkjet can also be evaporated into the fabric with the T-shirt press. This is why such sublimation presses are always used when T-shirts can be finished quickly and expressively without much effort.

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